Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Micah Claire: May 2016

May 4th 2016: 8 years 8 months old! I can't believe you are 4 months away from NINE years old. Dang, that really makes me feel old MC,lol! You are super busy these days but hopefully all that will settle down as school gets out and we enter into summer time!! You have been begging to go to two church camps this summer. One is just a day camp.......but another is a 5 day 4 night camp. You have only stayed away from one a few times and its never been for more than one day. But you are convinced you can do this can do this overnight camp. Daddy and I are still in the "discussion phase" of these but you already there in your mind. I love that you are growing up and starting to become a little more independent. You can be so shy and such a hermit, but slowly that is changing! You are so cautious and I love that about you! 

You are just to pretty!

Oh my first born, my first love at first sight! I love you more than anything in this world!

I love you MC!

You got your LAST nine weeks midterm grades and again you have all A's! You have really worked hard this year and your daddy and I are so proud! Math was your weak point at the start of the year but now you soaring in it!
And you where named bucket filler of the week again! I love that you are recognized for you manners! Manners will take you so far in life sweet girl!
And you where chosen to play "Mrs. Old McDonald" in your school play and you where soooo excited! You had a ton of lines and your music teacher made you pinky promise that you would talk loud and not be shy and you did it! You did great!!!
I could just kisses these sweet, freckled cheeks all day long!

And Ms. Macy came to watch you and MG! 
 Saturday you competed in the Andy Allison race and you smoked it!!!!!!!!
1st place by a long shot! I was working on the back side of the race and wasn't sure if you got 1st or 2nd until daddy text me the picture of  you on the stand. I was so excited, I was jumping up and down like crazy! 

Look at that awesome trophy!!!!
 Last night we had your end of the year gymnastics banquest! You have the best coaches and sweetest team mate. It has truly been a great and fun year! I am so proud of all your hard work MC!
 You got the "most naturally talented!" I have to admit that about brought me to tears when they called you name out!

I hope you realize what a natural talent God has blessed your with MC! Your dad and I love you and love watching you grown, advance, and soar!


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