Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Creed: JUNE

6-2-16: 19 months old... man we are headed for TWO at lightening speed sweet boy! You have the best manors of any kid I have met and that tickles me to no need! You say please, thank you, yes and no mam and sir and you say bless you anytime you hear someone sneeze. Last week you decided all on your own that you wanted to go tee tee on the potty and you have done great! We bought you some Thomas the Train pull-ups and you are doing so good! Yesterday you only had 2 accidents. It just amazes me that you wanted to do this at such a young age! As much as I want to keep you little.....the thought of being out of diapers just TICKLES me to death!!!
 Creed look at are such a stinker you intentionally don't look but you always crack a smile when I say....I know you hear me!

 My happy little dude!

 and your done!
 But of course mommy keeps trying for "just a few more pictures!"

 Two weeks ago you went to your very first VBS! Last year you where so tiny I carried you around but this year that was not an option,lol! You where the only kid you age so you had me and Ms. Patti all to yourself!
 And Mr. Randy gave you your very first Oreo.....and you where smitten with it!
 You got to go to snack time with the 3-4 years olds and you thought you where big stuff!
 oh that devilish little look and smile.......
 Blue tounge, mouth, hands, chin, and even blue hair by the time you where done!
 Monday and Tuesday you gave VBS your all but by Wednesday you didn't even make it 5 minutes and you where out for 2 1/2 hours! It was nice to just lay by you and watch you sleep!
 And we also recently celebrated Daddy's now love to sing happy birthday and try super hard to blow those candles out!

 And buddy you dug right into that lemon cake and.............
 you where in heaven! You and cake are two peas in a pod!
You are such a boy and it's so different after having 2 girls. You love dirt, rocks, bugs, and you get sweaty and down right stinky and I LOVE IT! 

 You are our constant source of entertainment these days!
You NEVER sit still and you are NEVER quite!