Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Dance Recital over, car loaded up, 10 driving hours later.....we are at our favorite spot...
So we unload the car, go get groceries, unpack all our stuff ALL the while the girls are just dying to get into that right before dinner they finally got to splash in the Gulf! And they along with Creed LOVED it! I love seeing their excitement for the beach! So day two we play at the beach all day long and then go to shower up for family pictures. I get out of the has fallen asleep....okay no big deal it's gonna take an hour or so to get the others bathed and dressed...........Well three hours later he is still asleep so we decide to take our family pictures without our little guy. Uhhh not really what I wanted to do but we plans for later that night and couldn't get too behind. And I figured he would wake up at any point and jump into the pictures. Well..... that's what I get for thinking. He was down for the count and didn't make it into picture with us...BOO!

 My big girl looking just a little to old for this mommy!

 My rosey red cheeked little girl!

 My two big blessings!
 Nana and her girls..........this makes my heart do big ole back flips!
 KB trying to copy all the silly poses her sister does

 sweet sweetness!

 Eight and Five........goodness how did we get here so quickly!?

 and the girls could not wait to use my camera ......
 idk what was going on but this cracks me up!
 their action shots are hilarious!
 And MC actually got a pretty dang good one of me and daddy!
 Our crew minus the sleeping baby boy!
 Maybe next year we will get a family picture with ALL our kids in it,lol!
 And all that jazz.........
 This year Mimi and Poppa decided to join in on our family vacation so we had to get some pictures with them.
 MC almost cut daddy's head off
 and I LOVE this silly one she got of us! Just PRECIOUS! was still snoozing

 The almost kindergartner!!!!
 Oh the true Kinley.....sass-a-frass!

 6am the next morning guess who was up.......Creed! FINALLY! So I dressed him up and took some pictures while the others slept in.

 Oh couldn't be an cuter!
I could eat you up from head to toe sweet boy!

 Hey....there's my name.........let me mess it up,lol!
 Love his sweet little footprints all around his name!
 This time last year you had just learned to crawl and now you are everywhere!

 NOPE not having any part of taking pictures on the bench.
 Even with your eyes shut your are the prettiest thing ever!

You are the third heartbeat that walks outside my body CB! 
 And he was up and off and done with pictures!
 When your future suddenly changes........
 you are forever different..........
 you live bigger and take nothing for granite!
And you laugh like there maybe no tomorrow!


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