Tuesday, June 7, 2016

No Greater Love: Dance Recital 2016

Oh it's that super busy time of year again.....DANCE RECITAL! It is a week full of practices, dress rehearsals, hair, makeup, tights, name it it's a part of dance recital week! Its a true love hate relationship for me! I love that the girls love it and I love to watch them at the final performance but I HATE...........absolutely HATE all the running around, the practices, the hair and make up doing, the six billion bobby pins it takes to hold up a bun and the gallons of hair spray that wined up coating my bathroom counter top! And this year I had the pleasure of not only doing this for one kido but double all that fun and gooey hairspray!

This years theme was No Great Love!
MC, KB and our bonus sister Sadie!
MC and Ava..... shocking how much they have grown!
and more pictures with Sadie!
KB and her bestie Morgan! LOVE these sweet little girls!
The whole pre-k Hip Hop crew! I must say they are a dancing group who totally rocked this year!

Kinley got a trophy for being in dance for 3 years and boy oh boy was she excited!

all this sass....... I just love it!

showing off some of her dance moves

MC at her first recital!!! She was so nervous, I thought she was going to throw up!

Let his light shine through you in all you do!
My little dramatic poser, you crack me up at the things you think to do!

I mean....could you legs look any longer.....YIKES!

Be still my heart! Just precious!

camera ham

my sweet girls!

blow me a kiss..........
okay...kiss your sister........... two crack me up!
and after 30 acts it was finally time for KB to rock the stage and that she did!

shes got some ups!

just beaming!

shake it don't break it sissy!

Oh I wish I could bottle this sweet little face up and keep it forever and ever!
And then it MC's turn to shine!

Bless her heart she was so focused and nervous! 
and that is a wrap! 2016 dance recital in the books! WOOO HOOOO
Even brother was ready for it to be over!
Mimi, Nana, and Poppa left before pictures.....but we did get one with Papaw Barry and Ms Debbie before we loaded the car up and drove to the BEACH!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON SUMMER!!!!!