Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Creed: July

So we spent the 4th of July out at the lake. The big kids love to ride their bikes all over the place and daddy wanted you to be able and keep up with them so he surprised you with your first little power wheels! You where SOOO excited it was just precious to watch! 

 Daddy showed you once where to push and
 OFF you went! You loved it!
 You even got to stay up late with the big kids!
 One of my most favorite things to do at the lake is swing with you! You are just toooo cute!
 Last year you where not that mobile but this where everywhere!!!
 and just so proud of yourself!
 Love this little chunky monkey face!
 Saturday morning you found daddy's empty Red Bull in our beach basket and you
 went to town,lol!
 I'm so glad there was nothing but drops in it because you do not need any more energy than you already have!
 You love to help daddy drive the boat and to honk the horn!

 We had not been home 10 minutes from the lake and I was unpacking the car and I hear a loud shattering noise! I walked in to find you had helped yourself to the brand new bottle of Worcester sauce and dropped it of course! And the clean up sucked but the smell....that lingered for DAYS was almost unbearable!
 You also had your first trip to the river this month! YES this is you walking off saying NO MOMMY when I asked you to take a picture with your sisters!
 LOVING that water!

 And you saw a watermelon and couldn't resist!
Mrs. Shannon kept giving you more and more and more. I bet you ate 5 big pieces of watermelon! Maybe that's why you are such a sweet boy!\
 Ms Reagan sent me this picture yesterday of you having lunch and it caught me soooo off guard that you looked like such a big boy!
 You have been scared to death of daddy's Xmark for months now but FINALLY you have gotten over that fear and you LOVE to ride on it! And now that is alllll you want to do is "Mow with daddy!"
 my boys!
Aunt Paige and Greer came yesterday to keep you........ and I think to say you had a bit of an understatement! I am so glad you have them in your life and you love them so dearly like the rest of us do!