Thursday, July 21, 2016

Kinley: July

Kinley: JULY:
You are over the moon that school is about to start and that your birthday is only 3 months away! I wish I had have half the energy and enthusiasm you have everyday sweet girl! MC has been gone away a lot this last month for camps and you have been super sad; you miss her like crazy! So, of course I've left you bunk up with me a few times and it's been fun! One of you most favorite things about summer is camping and you have begged to go almost every weekend and you finally got to go on the 4th of July! 

I couldn't resist taking this sweet picture of you and Cooper after you FINALLY fell asleep!
You act like his little boss and it cracks me up!

Time for tubing!!!!

 Lat week you had a blast at your week long gymnastics camp! You where soooo excited that they put you with the older group and not "the babies!"
Me, daddy, nana, and papaw all came to watch your end of the week exhibition and you rocked it! I love to see you so excited about gymnastics! 

You finally got your back bend kick over and now your ready to be able to do it on the floor! I love your drive sweet bugs! 

You may love to dress up and put on all kinds of jewelry and pile on the lip gloss but buddy you are just as tom boy! You love the mud, hunting, and fishing! We fished this last weekend and not 10 seconds after you set your pole.... you had one and you where beyond tickled!