Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Micah Claire:JULY

Oh July Micah Claire has LOVED you and I hate despised you big time! You had a birthday party sleepover on the Friday of 4th of July weekend, then we camped. When we got home it was time to pack you up for camp. And not just any camp mind you....this was an out of town and overnight camp.  THREE whole nights....FOUR long days. It was the the longest you and I have EVER been apart since I was pregnant with you. The first night I waited up till 11pm for you to call.....NO call. I woke up about every 2 hours ALL night long to make sure I had not missed a call and that my phone was on and that they didn't call daddy's phone.  Night TWO; still NO call, I mean really I was getting a little mad. Night THREE NOOOOOO call. I was crying like a dang baby and so was Kinley! You where so missed! We got you home for two days and you where off again to another week long camp; but this was not over night thankfully!! 

 All packed and ready for camp!
 GK, MC, and all these girls with these double names!

 getting settled in the bunk house!
 Look at these excited little girls!!
 I was so excited to see that some of friends from high school where there with their kids!
 Nana making sure MC "REALLLLY" wanted to stay and not just come home,lol!

 Kinley did such a great job on the card she sent you! I just busted out crying when I read what she wrote! I mean how precious for her to say you are "special to me."
 And FINALLY Friday came!!!!!! It was pick up time and of course I came 30 minutes early and yall where still in closing worship and I was about to lose my mind waiting! You saw me and took off running and jumped into my arms and I could NOT stop the tears! BEST feeling in the world to finally hold you!!!
 You didn't make it but just a few minutes till you just smooth passed out.......on tired little girl!
This Monday you loaded the bus and headed to Family Farm for the first time ever! You have have had a ball there all week and I can't wait till your closing ceremony tomorrow! You are so excited to show me how you can canoe, ride a horse, shoot a bow and arrow, and zip line!!! 

Last weekend you had your first, as we call it int he south, "mudding" experience! You did not know what to think of it at first. You where nervous and did NOT want to get dirty. got more than a little dirty and you had a ball by the end!