Friday, August 19, 2016

2016 School Year!!!!!

Monday morning I got home from the gym at 6:15 am and my girls where up and at it! They could not wait for school to start! Oh how I wish that enthusiasm lasted all year long....or even at least past the first week of school! 

This kindergartner was READY for her first day of school and was over the moon hoping she would have homework the first night! knew that spunk and sass would pop up soon enough!

 And my big 3rd grader looking like she's almost 15 years old!

 and baby brother couldn't stand that he was being left out of school pictures and came running outside with his backpack! After some help from daddy.....he was ready!
 Such a cutie pie!
 My three little babies!

 and of course Nana had to stop by and see everyone before we headed out!
 My boys!

All SMILES for this school year!!!
 This girl walked 20mph into her school! I had to make her slow down three times so we could all catch up to her!
 And she has the most precious teacher EVER! We are so excited about this upcoming year!
 And one of her bffs from preschool is in her class and is her desk-mate!!!
 And apparently its so not cool to take pictures in class at your desk when you become a 3rd grader.......however I was allowed to take her picture in the hall while NO one was looking,lol!
 And my love bug didn't even make it 3 steps into his room before his girlfriend Essie jumped in for some hugs!
I LOVE this look on his's like yeah she sweet on me and I cool with that mom!

 And after a great day of kindergarten we to have our first cavity filled............
lets just say it was not a pleasant visit for my sweet girl! 
 And this boy....he is pumped about being back at school with all his buddies!
 He will not let me carry him in anymore..........Me walk mommy................uhhh heartbreak for this mommy!

 And he no longer has to sit in the highchair for breakfast!
 Today was pride day so Kinley got to wear her school shirt for the fist time and she was tickled ten kinds of 10 to wear it!