Monday, August 8, 2016

August: Creed

August 2nd 2016: 21 months old.......YIKES your 2nd birthday day is just THREE short months away. I good gravy that just can't be possible Creed!! You are a pistol these days; you think you are such a big boy. Some days you just decide that naps are total waste of time you stay up and hanging with the girls all day long.........well till about 7pm when you have the worlds BIGGEST melt down and crash,lol! You are singing like crazy these days. You love to sing Jesus love me, Happy Birthday, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and He's got the whole world in his hands. Its just to sweet to hear you sing; I love to just sit and listen to you! You are counting and know about half of you ABCs. You LOVE to kiss and hugs and everyone who meets you says you are the sweetest thing EVER and they are soooo right sweet boy! When you get mad at MC or KB you know call them Micah Claire and Kinley Beth and it cracks me up! When you want both girls you holler ....LADIES and we all crack up! And Sadly, this month, you learned to say shut up. 

 and sitting down lasted a whole 10 seconds and you where done with that,lol!
 You wanted to do just like sister and take pictures on the columns, so that's what we did and you did great!

 I mean......uhhh I could eat you up cute thang!

 I love your little cheesey grin!

 you  are a bath-o-holic..... these days we have to drag you out of there!
 And first ever back pack and lunch box came!!!! You had NO idea what was going on but you knew the girls where excited!
 but you figured out real quick it was something just for you
 and you where soooo excited!

 LOOK at that sweet, precious smile!!!
 MC helping you get it on........
 My little melt my heart into a billion pieces!
 OMG be still my look half grown right here......uhhh that just hurts my heart!
 Ready............ set................
Ride the Rhino................. if I hear you say that once day...... I hear you say it 627 times! Some days you wake up and 6am and the first thing you say it.........I ride the rhino. 

The first time you counted to 10 was last week! And already this week you have started counting to 14!