Monday, August 8, 2016

August: Kinley

 August 1st 2016: 70 months old........two short months away from being SIX and just days away from starting kindergarten! Goodness gracious could time go any faster?!
 You are growing like a weed! You just love when MC out grows an outfit and it becomes yours! Sunday you where so pumped to get her old pink dress! And I must say you looked super duper cute in it!
 We got your hair cut last week and you picked exactly where you wanted it cut to and I love it! To light and swings and is just toooo cute!

 You just look to dang old Kinley bugs!

A little school shopping followed by lunch!
We ate at the Tavern two weeks ago and you could not believe the size of the kids burger. You said you where going to eat it all up but you didn't even get half of it down before you got full silly girl!
Last week was your last fun time trip to the library! Hard to imagine this crew is ready for big kids school!
Last Thursday at 6am we did our last 2 mile run for the Dam Night Run.................
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Our crazy family is ready for the race!

but first.....we had to take a selfie!
and a few girl pics

But sadly a huge,crazy storm blew up and they had to cancel the race! BUMMER but we have years and years to run that race! 

Last night you where playing with one of Creed's teething necklaces and you bite into it and popped went your tooth and you screamed and blood went everywhere! It was hanging on for dear life. So after you calmed down, daddy popped it out!

 and it came out super easy! Goodbye tooth #3!
 You had me write the tooth-fairy a letter asking for M& crack me up!
 And she hide them, $5, and a tissue flower on top of your picture in the living room! It took your forever to find it. You where so sure the tooth-fairy decided to not leave you anything,lol!
 You couldn't wait to show Nana the goodies you got!
This picture just sums you up sweet girl! Wild, and crazy, and cute as a bug!