Friday, August 19, 2016

August: Micah Claire

August 4th 2016..........Oh my stars this is it........Your last month to be eight! YIKES!! You could not be more ready to turn NINE; and I could not want time to slow down anymore. You amaze me so much sweet girl! You are my rock and my biggest helper.

 last monthly pictures as an eight year old!

You are more precious than any gem sweet Claire Bear! 

You have asked to do the county fair pageant and against my better judgement I said okay! Uhhh pageants are such the devil I tell you! I hope you know you are beautiful inside and out and you will always be my queen no matter what three people with the score sheet say! But I will say we had a blast trying on dresses and you looked amazing and old........really really old!

This smile says it all! 
 Time or 3rd grade school supply shopping!!!! You where beyond excited that your list included a jump drive! You told me yall where going to be doing some major work this year and I busted out laughing!
And the letter you have been waiting for finally came! Mrs. Williams will be your 3rd grade teachers! I pray you have a wonderful year ahead of you sweet girl!


Anonymous said...

the best part of her being 8 is that she's almost enough to be a big girl but not pubescent that she gets preggers after I fucked her

Anonymous said...

nice body and legs