Friday, August 19, 2016

Some fun before the school year starts back!

Last Friday we loaded up and headed to the zoo........because that's totally where you should go when the heat index is 111 degrees! Despite the heat we had a great time! 

 This gorilla would not stop staring at us and Creed kept saying.... I hug him mommy! Ummm not sweet boy lets not do that!
 Oh and of course he LOVED all the snakes which made my skin crawl!
 It was so much fun to see  you watch the animals and talk about them and to them! You would say...jump monkey and when he would jump you would just squeal!

 Oh my lands the train ride..........Creed could not wait to get on "Thomas The Train!" As soon as he saw it he kept saying over and over and over again....... me ride Thomas mommy!
 And of course this silly girl insisted she ride alone in the very back! Every time I turned around she was grinning from ear-to-ear!

 Creed Cowart.......I think you maybe the only kid in the whole wide world who does not like chicken nuggets or french fries! I guess that is a good thing,lol!

 After 4 hours Creed said....mommy I tired so we wrapped our day up. And before I even got the car in reverse......he was snoring!
And time for GIRL TIME! Us girls had our annual back to school pediacures and it was a blast!