Thursday, September 1, 2016

Camp Claire

Last weekend we celebrated MC's 9th birthday! When you actual birthday falls on Labor Day weekend you have to party early so party it up we did! Micah Claire picked out everything she wanted to do at her party. She was on Pinterest NON STOP and text me pictures or saving pins for me to see. So CAMP CLAIRE is what she decided to call it.
 MC and MG waiting NOT so patiently for all the giggling girls to show up!

 All the goodies!

 My sweet girl its so hard to believe you are so grown!

 a boy and his Dorito................
 back away, leave me alone mommy............and no one gets hurt!
 The crew minus 2 girls who where a little late

 Present time!!!

 LOVE LOVE LOVE this leo Aunt Paige got her!

 And of course I couldn't' help but get a few pictures of this cutie pie in during present time!
 Just too pretty!

 I sure wish I could turn that candle upside down and make it say six instead of NINE!

 Then it was time to decorate pillow cases!
 Even little brother had fun doodling on his very own pillow case!
You have brought joy and love into my life that I never knew existed till I saw your sweet face! Your cry's brought the happiest of tears to my eyes! You growth and learning amaze me. You are my rock and soon to be best friend down the road! I love you to the moon and back again Micah Claire! Happy 9th birthday Claire Bear!