Friday, January 31, 2020

One Thousand Two Hundred and Fourty Six

Good Lord...….It's been 1,246 days since I last blogged. I mean I meat to step away for a brief second and now it's a whole new decade. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! Micah Claire got a chrome book for Christmas this year and apparently she googled her name and up popped our old blog. She came running down stairs sooooo excited. She screamed MOM did you know there was an entire webpage out us.  My first response was oh Holy Hell what is she talking about. She flipped her chrome book around and there my little family was. It was my old blog. I busted out laughing and said YES dear I know all about that. It's a blog not a webpage per say. I started it a very long time ago when I had tons of free time and a crap load more energy, lol! We spent hours going back through old post and it was precious. Things, events, people, activities, vacations.....things I had not forgotten about but..... just not reminisced on in a very long time!  She asked me if I would start blogging again so she could have all this to show her kids one day. Well how to do you say no that?!?

So.... years have much as changed. I would LOVE to tell you we have had 1....2....or even 3 more kids...…. but NOPE Mr. Cowart finally put his foot down and said the baby train is over......but I am still holding out hope God intervenes there, lol! So there are still only five of us..MC is 12, Kin is 9, and baby boy is FIVE years old already ! We needed more room and the perfect place came open and we jumped on it! Leaving the old house was so hard and honestly caused a slight bit of depression for a few months. But we have been here a year now and it is FINALLY home!! Daddy moved up to a CEO position and I still travel like crazy! is good, life gets overwhelming.....somedays almost too much for this momma! But it's our crazy life and I wouldn't change it for the world!  So Micah Claire for you sake I am gonna try this blogging thing maybe hit and miss due to the utter chaos of our life but I will give it a go!